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About Yoder

Yoder Family sitting on beach

Our company draws heavily on our Amish heritage that goes back at least four generations to define who we are, and the quality of work that we do for our customers. We offer you honesty, integrity, and excellence. Our goal is to have a trust relationship with our clients. Building a home is a personal investment that we respect. You can count on us to give you OUR best!

Jay Yoder and his father, Gerald, worked together in the construction industry for a number of years.  In 2002, they created their company now carrying the name of Yoder and Sons Construction, LLC. Their history did not start there. It began in the early 1900's, when Jay's Amish great grandfather was a homebuilder in Walnut Creek, Ohio. This was the beginning of a legacy that has been carried to the fourth generation of builders. In the early 1930's, Martin Yoder moved from eastern Ohio to Greenwood, Delaware, where he continued his trade in home building. He passed the trade down to his son Albert, and he in turn passed it down to his son Gerald. After Jay graduated from college with two degrees, in finance and accounting, he worked for several years as a CPA.  Jay was thankful for this experience, but knew his passion was construction and longed to return home to resume working with his father in the construction business.

Yoder Family sitting on beachJay's passion for his work is evident in his creative ideas and in his care for his customers. His goal is to give you the best, and he will help you achieve a finished product that reflects your dream. You will find that he treats his customers like family and makes them a priority.  He considers it an honor to serve, and is committed to please his customers!




10222 Woodyard Road, Greenwood, DE 19950