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Our Processes

The construction process is one flavored with innovation and distinction. Below, you will find examples explaining some of the unique ways that Yoder & Sons Construction LLC implements their values of excellence.


Footers are continuous through the garage door entrance and the side entrance door with 1/2 inch rebar. (Note Sussex County Delaware does not require the installation of rebar in footers)



Floors are installed with LVL girders, (laminated beams in the center of the floor), engineered I joists, and steel shims between the pier support systems and girders.


Termite Treatment

Lower walls are treated with an eco-friendly borate termite treatment that is non toxic to humans and animals.

Crawl Spaces

Double up rim board is installed around entrances to crawl spaces with the option of a conditioned crawl space consisting of 4 inch corrugated pipe installed in a gravel filled trench on the inside perimeter of the crawl space.  This corrugated pipe drains into a sump crock with a sump pump to promote proper drainage. We also install dehumidifiers in our conditioned crawlspaces to control humidity.  


All homes are stick framed by Amish carpenters.  Hurricane ties are installed on the outside of the wall instead of on the inside to provide a smoother drywall finish. All OSB wall sheathing is installed horizontally down to the framing plate.

Wooden support blocks allow proper distribution of weight from the end gable walls through the floor structure.

All of our floor joists, wall studs, and ceiling joist/rafters are 16" on center and are all aligned for proper structual weight distribution.

Celing joist/rafters are framed with elevated heel height to allow for full depth of insulation all the way to the exterior wall. This method is not required by building code (Sussex County Delaware). 

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All roof valleys are covered with Ice and Water Shield (a heavy duty, adhesive backed roofing underlayment). Shingles on gable ends are doubled up and the roof is finished off with a wider than standard drip edge.

House Wrap

TYVEK house wrap is used to cover the house before siding is installed in coordination with the Tyvek flashing system and sill wrap to guard against mold and rot.


Upgraded air seal package is used for insulation. Fire retardant foam is blown in behind electrical outlets and on top of light fixture boxes prior to installing insulation. Walls are insulated with blown in fiberglass with an R-value of 23, as opposed to 2 x 4 batting with an R-value of 13.  Batting is used for sound barrier in interior walls between living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms.


Vinyl corner bead is installed with heavy duty spray on adhesive instead of metal corner beads that are installed with nails. Only hand tools are used for installing drywall and drywall is hung ONLY with screws and NOT drywall nails. 

Heating and Air

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a metric used to measure how much cooling a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes.  In theory, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently the heating/cooling system operates.  We use a higher SEER rating (15 SEER) on HVAC units than what is required by Sussex County, Delaware.  An optional Hybrid System can be installed with a heat pump that operates when temperatures exceed 35 degrees and switches to a propane back up when temperatures drop below 35 degrees resulting in a greater efficiency than using electric strip heat for a backup heat source.


We are the exclusive distributors of Yoder Signature Cabinets.  These cabinets are handcrafted to OUR highest standards by local Amish craftsmen. Our cabinets are proof that not all "Amish made cabinets" are created equal.  Our standard drawer boxes are constructed of cherry and not of an inferior wood species (poplar) as many others are. Our standard features include dovetailed joints, full extension drawers, frame incorporated end panels, soft close hinges and drawer slides. Choices include maple, oak, cherry, hickory and many other species of wood.  We offer over 350 stain and paint colors or you can create a custom stain to match that antique piece of heirloom dining room furniture that you inherited from your grandmother.  

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All windows are Low E Argon, inhibiting temperature transfer between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Sill wrap is installed before window installation to prevent window sill from rotting.


Outside doors are weather durable, paintable or stainable fiberglass skin. Doors are framed in PVC products to prevent deterioration and installed with Tyvek Straitflash to prevent doors from leaking around the jambs.

Energy Efficiency Feature

We can install an attic fan system that is thermostatically controlled to prevent heat build up in the attic. Cooler attic temperatures will decrease your summer energy bills and help extend the life of the roof shingles.


All trim is made from solid wood (NOT MDF fiberboard).


Foam insulation is installed in the front and sides of the porch foundation to guard against the fill dirt under the porch floor freezing/heaving and causing damage to the porch floor.

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